Ignatiev: We wanted to please the fans

Ignatiev: We wanted to please the fans

Vladislav Ignatiev scored two goals for Lokomotiv in the game against Rubin (3:1) and received the fourth Man of the Match award of the season.

- How many of them do you have already?

- This is fourth.

- Do you count them?

- I can count up to four (laughs). So far, not too many awards.

- Where do you store them?

- On the shelf in the wardrobe. But it's time put them higher.

- You had another good game. Is it all about the change of position?

- I missed this position. I am able to play, score and benefit the team.

- Was a sending off a turning point in the game?

- I would not say that. The turning point is that we managed to level the score in the first half. We had more chances. You had to endure and wait for your chance. I knew that we would score the second goal.

- Many people argue about the episode with the first goal. Did Medvedev catch the ball?

- It seemed to me that he let it go and did not fully catch it. I took advantage of the episode. Today only the third goal has not been reviewed by the VAR.

- Lokomotiv had one victory in ten matches. How important was to win?

- One victory in ten matches is not enough. We wanted to please the fans in the final match of the year at our stadium. The first part of the season turned out to be difficult, we wanted to finish the home season on a good note.

05 December 2020 16:18

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