adidas and Lokomotiv present 2020/2021 home and away kits. The inspiration for the new kit were Lokomotiv's classic red-green colours, as well as the 2017/2018 title-winning season, in which the team played in adidas shirts.

The kit is made in the traditional style, reflecting the victory colours of the railroad workers. The home kit has green shirts and red shorts. The away kit is completely white. The shirts are provided with the Aeroready technology, which absorbs moisture and dries quickly to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable even in difficult conditions.

The colors of the kits of Lokomotiv's predecessor teams - Kazanka and KOR - were very different from the modern red-green colors. The "railroad workers" of those years wore blue shirts and white shorts. But with the emergence of new sports society called Lokomotiv, the team's kit became red - with a wide white longitudinal stripe. With this kit the "railroad workers" first appeared on the opening day of the 1936 season, and in some matches a steam locomotive also appeared inside the strip.

There was nothing unexpected and unique in the choice of red color by the Soviet team in the 1930s, but the longitudinal stripes became the distinctive feature of Lokomotiv.

At some point, after the war, it was decided to abandon the white color on shirts, but in 1954 it returned again - and Lokomotiv's kit received a new look, which eventually became no less significant for the team than the very first one. The shirt sleeves and shorts became white, which resembled a little the manner, in which Arsenal (London) sewed their uniform.

However, red was not irreplaceable, and if necessary, it was changed to any other color. A well-known case was the final of the USSR Cup-1957 against the red-and-white Spartak that the "railroad workers" played in blue. However, that was just a single moment, like another match that Lokomotiv played in yellow.

In the late 70s, the team wore red adidas shirts. In 1984, white longitudinal stripes with red stars appeared on the kit.
In 1994, the club signed a contract with Umbro, and Lokomotiv's kit changed beyond recognition. A yellow transverse stripe with the sponsor's name was added to the shirts, the white color remained in the background, and the red color appeared in the form of chaotically scattered spots.

Like today, Lokomotiv's kit changed every season in the 90s, so in 1995 the yellow color disappeared from the railwaymen's kit, giving way to black color, which quite successfully complemented the pattern on the top of the shirt. And in 1996, the players again put on kits similar to the ones they had in the 1950s and 1960s: red shirts, white sleeves. And it was in this kit that they won their first Russian Cup.

The Diadora company kit, in which Loko performed in 2000, was also made in the same color scheme, while in 2001 the shirts were already completely red with black lines and with white elements.

The green color appeared on Lokomotiv's kit in 2002. By that time, the fans were already wearing red and green scarves that they produced themselves, so the club decided to use this idea. In the first title-winning season, green, however, appeared only on the name of the sponsor and on the numbers of the players, while in the second title-winning season in 2004, green color was used on shirt collars.

For the Russian Super Cup game Lokomotiv came out in full-fledged red-green kit and thus acquired new club colors. In the future, the combination of red and green on the playing kit changed quite a lot, until the 2012/13 season when it was decided to return to the winning colors of 2004.

Once in Loko’s history the team even had gold shirts: the team wore them in 2007 to celebrate the victory in the Russian Cup.

In the 2014/15 season, green became the dominant color in the home kit. Red elements remained on the sides. Shorts and socks were also made in red. It was in this kit that Lokomotiv won the long-awaited trophy - the Russian Cup.
The away kit was white with small green elements on the side of the shirts and shorts.

Lokomotiv’s 2015/16 home and away shirts were made in several shades of the club's two traditional colors - red and green. The home kit consisted of a red shirt, green shorts and red socks. For the first time in the history of the club, the away kit was completely green. The third kit was white.

Lokomotiv 2016/17 main kit was green for the first time in history. The away kit was traditionally white, while the third kit was grey. Also there were 3 different versions of the goalkeeper's kit - black, blue and red.

The home kit for the 2017/18 season was made in the traditional color combination of recent seasons: a green shirt, red shorts and green socks. The second kit consisted of white and red colors, but its main element was the club's retro emblem. When creating the third kit, it was decided to move away from the traditional practice. Instead of a contrasting shade in relation to the other two kits, it was decided to chose the familiar combination of the main colors of the Russian Railways brand.

For the 2018/19 home kit, red was chosen as the main color. All decorative structural elements of the kit were made in green and white colors.

The main white color of the away kit remained unchanged, but we tried to organically saturate it with the presence of two other main colors of the club: green and red.

The third set used a new, bright and unexpected color - a purple shirt with a monochrome metallic logo, white shorts and purple socks.

The home kit for the 2019/20 season was made in traditional red and green colors. When creating an away kit, the designers were inspired by the attributes of the railways. The third kit was produced in graphite color and had additional elements in the traditional red color on the top of the shirts.